Life Skills Program, Girls Golf and Additional Clinics

All of our programs give kids a safe place to grow with coaches trained to create supportive environments and who help them navigate challenges during golf lessons but more importantly, off the course.

Kids & Teens take the lessons they learn with them into everything they do.

Through our many different golf programs, we see kids’ self-confidence grow tremendously, inspiring more active participation in leadership opportunities and events, community involvement, and college scholarships.

We target our programming at First Tee – Delaware to fit the needs of ALL kids & teens in our communities. During the year you will see this page update as we offer additional Clinics and Family Fun Days geared towards ALL of our participants.

  • For All Children: our Life Skills Program at many golf courses throughout the state
  • For Girls: Girls Golf is often led by female coaches and role models designed to empower and inspire girls on and off the course, and in the classroom.
  • Home School Program: provides an option for those children to add a physical education element to their homeschool experience. These courses are often held during the day which fits into their regular schooling time. These programs will be listed in the Life Skills Registration area.

Girls Golf

Girls Play who play golf are more physically active and have greater levels of self-esteem as well as self-image.

Girls, ages 7-17,  are encouraged to join the Girls Golf programs, Seasonal Clinics as well as any of the Life Skill Programs offered at First Tee – Delaware. These programs are often led by female coaches and role models, the programs are designed to empower and inspire girls on the golf course, in the classroom and as they pursue college and careers. The programs provide them with the confidence and skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Girls Will

  • Learn the many life-long benefits from golf
  • Build lasting relationships with other girls
  • Experience competition in a fun, supportive environment

Our Girls Golf Programs will vary from season to season depending on the available coaches and golf courses. Some of the benefits of this program will provide:

  • LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Curriculum
  • Personal interaction with LPGA professionals
  • One-on-one mentoring programs that pair girls with positive role

At First Tee – Delaware, we empower and inspired girls to succeed in the game of life.

Click on the Photo Stream below and see all of the Fun that is happening. More photos will be added as each clinic is completed.



Please remember to sign up for Life Skills Programs on the Golf Courses – Our program at DuPont Country Club focuses on our Girls Golf Program – All are invited!

Life Skills Programs on the Golf Courses

Through our Life Skills Program at First Tee – Delaware, we strive to strengthen character. Kids and Teens, both boys & girls, will learn skills that stay with them the rest of their lives, like:

  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Setting up step-by-step goals
  • Planning for the future
  • Appreciating diversity

Advancing through the Program – Participants progress through levels by demonstrating inner strength, character, and the life and golf skills they have learned. All participants regardless of age start at the PLAYer level.

  • Target (ages 4 and older) – An introduction to the First Tee Life Skills Experience
  • PLAYer (required minimum age 7 – but ALL first-time participants joining the program will start at the PLAYer level) – Tee it up for the first time and learn the game of golf and First Tee’s Code of Conduct
  • Par (recommended minimum age 9) – Focus on interpersonal and self-management skills on and off the course
  • Birdie (recommended minimum age 11) – Emphasis on setting goals and making them a reality
  • Eagle (recommended minimum age 13) – Learn resilience, conflict resolution, and future planning
  • Ace (required minimum age 14 or entering 9th grade) – Put it all together and home in on setting goals, career education, and giving back to the community

The Pinnacle of First Tee – Ace certification is the highest level a participant can achieve. After completing the four levels of certification, PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle, participants have the option of working towards this final step in the program.

Ace focuses on personal planning and will reinforce skills such as self-management, goal setting, self-coaching, interpersonal communication, and resilience that were applied in earlier levels of the program. Using these skills, participants will become Ace-certified by completing four projects that will help them build a foundation in higher education and for a career.

Projects Completed by Ace Participants:

  • Community Service: Participants learn the value of giving back by volunteering for activities at First Tee – Delaware or in the community.
  • Career: Participants explore their interests and skills, matching them with career possibilities.
  • College or Continuing Education: Participants explore issues related to college selection, trade schools and educational alternatives.
  • Golf: Participants examine their golf skills, create an improvement plan, and assess the role they want golf to play in their live.


Google Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use for this registration process




















Google Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use for this registration process


2020 Fall Family Fun Day Photos


Parents’ Guide to First Tee

At First Tee – Delaware, we believe in developing experiences that are just as fun as they are meaningful, where kids feel excited to grow, safe to fail, and better equipped for whatever comes their way next.

Our coaches seamlessly integrate the game of golf with a life skills curriculum to create active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience. As your child progresses through our programs, the activities and life lessons will help empower them to take on whatever comes their way next.

Flip through our parents’ guide to see the wide-ranging and ever-growing education, life, leadership and golf opportunities for participants.

First Tee Parent's Guides

First Tee SPANISH Parent's Guides


Click on the following link to download flash-cards, to help learn First Tee – Nine Core Values





Please link to our ALERTS page for our Safety Guidelines that are in place to provide fun and safe activities for all.


Our staff members are available to answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out:

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